67 Yr Old Entrepreneur Launches Veteran Empowerment Support Online


Former Retiree, now first time entrepreneur, Texan Tom Tuley, announces the launch of a unique program to empower fellow veterans and recently returned servicemen and women who find themselves lost at adjusting back to life in society.

Point Blank, Texas

Doing what most entrepreneurs a third of his age set out to accomplish, this former Verizon employee and army veteran has pulled out all guns to create a business that gives back in a unique way, and all at the spritely age of 67.

The Texan veteran who suffered for many years with ‘survivor guilt’ is on a mission to help fellow veterans of all ages to live the life they deserve, without any additional emotional, physical or financial stress that is often experienced by vets.

“After retiring 7 years ago, I spent the first year reducing my stress levels accrued from 4 decades of constant corporate changes. The next year was retirement bliss”  Tuley continues, “but following that honeymoon period, I began to see that I had many good years left in me and that I really wanted to do something fulfilling, something that would make a difference for others.”

From there the former retiree researched everything he could online while also trying his hand at being supposedly ‘self employed’ as an Insurance Adjuster.  “At the end of the day I was still answering to other people like they were all my boss and I was done with that game!”

It took investing in himself with online education for his vision of helping thousands to become a reality. Tuley now provides a unique online education program, where he is on hand to provide fellow veterans and recently returned servicemen and women, with step by step instruction and support to create personal and financial freedom in ways most would never experience.

“I am so grateful for the resources I have at my fingertips thanks to the people I have attracted to my business that I want to share my good fortune with others in the most empowering way possible.” declares Tuley.

“There is power in masterminding and being part of a true community of like minds” Tuley adds “and no-one knows this better than military personnel!”

Visit http://WorkWithTomTuley.com for more information