‘It’s Not My Favorite’ Author Begins Promo Tour in August

‘It’s Not My Favorite’ author, Rue, is embarking on a promotional tour for the novel, both online and in person, in early August of this year.


July 30, 2014 – Duluth, MN

Author of the recently published coming of age novel, ‘It’s Not My Favorite’, Rue, will embark on an extensive blog and book signing tour beginning in early August. Following rave reviews, the novel, published by Sittin’ on a Goldmine Productions, LLC, is quickly gaining momentum as one of Amazon’s “must reads.”

The story of the Hutchinson sisters, Gwenn and Rachel, begins in Duluth, Minnesota and chronicles their growth toward independence as life, love and travel brings experience and wisdom to the sisters’ “bible belt” upbringing. Quite familiar with the region and parentage experienced by her characters, the author, Rue, spent a large part of her own upbringing sitting in the pews of many a Midwestern church as she moved with her family from town to town.

“We moved so much that I didn’t have many human friends,” Rue commented. “My best friends were the characters in the books I read and I believe that greatly influenced my passion for writing.”

A journalism major at Pepperdine University, Rue’s life-long love for writing was fine-tuned at the University and since, she has developed her skill with the pen to become a popular contemporary, romance and LGBT fiction writer. Her first novel, ‘It’s Not My Favorite’, currently available at Barnes and Noble and on Amazon in both paperback and e Book, is quickly gaining a devoted following and earning kudos from many reputable book reviewers.

“Rue is amazingly accurate in her descriptions…['It's Not My Favorite'] is a refreshing read with some hilarious scenes that make the book exciting to read,” wrote Patsy Glans of readersfavorite.com shortly after the publication of the novel, giving the book four of five stars.

Paula Phillips of goodreads.com wrote: “It’s Not My Favorite’ is a chick lit novel that will have readers wanting to travel and experience the world.” Phillips also awarded the novel four of five available stars.

Beginning Monday, August 3rd, Rue will be touring the literary blog world and eventually concluding her promotional tour in the city where it all began, Duluth, Minnesota, where she will be the featured author at book signings at The Flame on Sunday, August 24, then At Sara’s Table/Chester Creek Cafe on Monday, August 25th. Autographed books, recipe cards and bookmarks will be available at both locations. The author will also donate copies of ‘It’s Not My Favorite’ to each of the four Duluth Public Library branches.

‘It’s Not My Favorite’ is the inaugural installment of ‘The Lake Effect Series’ penned by Rue. In addition, the author is currently working on several literary projects including children’s books, young adult fiction and further installments of her novel series. Following the blog tour and book signings, Rue intends to continue her literary adventures with the Hutchinson sisters, offering her readership stories weaved from the reality and experience of her own life growing up in the heartland of America.

For more information on Rue and the novel, ‘It’s Not My Favorite’, visit: www.ruescorner.com

To purchase a copy of the novel in paperback or Kindle/e book, visit: http://tinyurl.com/p6rkvs9


JD Arbuckle is a freelance journalist specializing in consumer education on a variety of topics including contemporary and LGBT literature.